Can I get Market Value for my property?


Is Market Value Really Possible in Today’s Market?

Yes, you can get market value or close to it if, and only if, you can be a little flexible with how you sell your house. No, there is no joke to this and no, this is not a scam. You see, we here at Southwest Investors Group can offer an Old Solution to an age old problem. This old solution that has been around for centuries but has been lost in today’s modern world has been used as a solution for clean properties that need to sale quickly, has a seller looking for the best price possible and doesn’t want to go through a realtor to sell. So what is this age old solution?…        Lease with an Option to Buy.

Southwest Investors Group specializes in Lease Option transactions, also known as rent to own transactions or Lease with an Option to Buy. Our Seller and Buyer clients who, for one reason or another, have been having difficulty either selling or buying a home through traditional means in today’s market can use a Lease Option to solve their problems.

Many sellers lost all their equity is the recent market crash creating a difficult situation for them to sell with a realtor and they don’t have the means to cover all the additional expenses of a closing. On the other hand, many buyers have gone through tuff times with a recent foreclosure due to the market crash but are now on their feet and doing everything they can to buy but with such strict lending guide lines, they’re just not quite there yet.

A Lease Option transaction brings balance back into this crazy market by matching participating Sellers with our Tenant-Buyers creating a simple solution of a Win, Win situation for all parties. Seller, sells their house for about market value, buyer gets to move into a house that they will soon buy within a 6 – 18 months time frame.

These Tenant-Buyers(TB) are NOT renters…they will be moving into a property with the full intent to purchase the property and they treat the property as if it is already their own. All of our TB’s will have been pre-qualified by our Preferred Lender and have been given a plan on what they need to do during the lease term in order to obtain traditional financing.

Working With Us to Lease Option Your Home.

We market everyday for buyers and have compiled a list of hundreds of potential candidates. When you decide to work with us we will market your property to our potential buyer pool as well as to the public through our on-line Lease Option marketing program. Once we find an interested party they will be pre-qualified with our mortgage lender and put on a path to help them purchase the property in 6 – 18 months.

Benefits to a Seller to Lease Option their Home.

  1. Release from debt obligation – TB will be paying for their rent which pays for the mortgage.
  2. Seller can receive market value for their home.
  3. Lease Option transaction are very quick, typically 30 days.
  4. Seller retains ownership of the property until TB purchases the house.
  5. Very little property management – TB will care for the house as though it is their own. Any maintenance issues under $1000 are handled by the TB.
  6. Seller retains Tax Benefits.
  7. Selling on Lease Option opens up to a much larger buying pool.
  8. Easier to sell a hard to sell house.
  9. In some cases, you can collect rent during the Option Term.
  10. This allows you to sell the home instead of just renting it.

Reasons Why Seller’s Opt to Work With Us…

  • It Costs Nothing to have us advertise your property.
  • Our marketing agreement is NON-EXCLUSIVE.
  • Seller gets market value for their property
  • All Tenant-Buyers are pre-screened by our mortgage lender.
  • Seller retains all their tax benefits.
  • We make the process easy for both Seller and Buyer…we handle everything.

Lease Options are a great way to help sell your property and a fantastic way to help a buyer who has gone through a tuff time get back on their feet to homeownership. A Win/Win if you ask me.

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