7 Ways to Sell Your House Fast!

You’re probably surprised to hear or read this statement. Most people only know of one, maybe even two ways to sell their house. The typical and what seems to be more traditional process over the past 30 years is to list your house with a realtor and some still even try to sell their house themselves.

Well, those aren’t bad ways to do it but they won’t’ get your house sold fast. In both of those cases the time line to actually finish with the selling of your home is typically around 9 months. If you’re in a need of selling your house fast, neither of those options will work however, that is only two of the 7 Ways to Sell Your House Fast.

So, on to the other 5 options and the ones that will get your house sold fast or at the minimum, release you of your obligations. As most of this web site mentions, a full CASH offer will bring on the fastest closing with an average of 7 days. The reason why it can happen so fast is because the investor, us, will pay for the house with cash so we won’t have to wait around for any bank financing. This may be the best option for you, or may not be. One thing to consider is, this option comes with a price. The benefit; we can close fast. The con; it’s typically the lowest offer you will receive.Dollar Sign

Not everyone likes to only receive a fast closing low price offer and we get that. Not everyone needs to sell NOW. Some have a little time. Some may have equity they would like to keep. Others don’t want to lose cash flow or the potential of cash flow and don’t mind waiting to get a large chunk of change later.

You see, we like to converse with our clients first to see what is going on with the property. There are ways to give the home owner full price and sometimes over valued price for their home, if, they are a little patient in getting the cash out. Either way, you will have relief from the obligations of the property allowing you the freedom you desire to move forward.

Don’t worry about repairing or cleaning up your property.  We’ll buy your house in as-is condition… no matter how ugly or pretty it is.

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